Published March 5, 2024 | Version v1

MSD CoP Webinar: Using Meta-Repositories To Facilitate Open Science in MSD Research



This webinar was hosted by the MultiSector Dynamics Community of Practice (MSD CoP;  


In this webinar, we will describe the use of a GitHub meta-repository, for documenting and disseminating the tools and data supporting MSD publications. The goal is to make it easier for others to understand the flow of data and code through your experiment and to be able to reproduce your results and figures with only the information you have provided for them. The webinar will cover the role of open science in the MSD community, the origins and purpose of meta-repositories, and step-by-step instructions and best practices for building a meta-repository starting from the GitHub template ( We will also discuss how to leverage MSD-LIVE ( in your meta-repository, provide links to numerous examples you can learn from, and discuss the role of meta-repositories in the IM3 project's open science mandates.

Presenters : Chris R. Vernon, Casey D. Burleyson, Jennie Rice, and Mengqi Zhao

Moderator:  Pat M. Reed (MSD CoP Facilitation Team)

This webinar was held on: February 22nd, 2024 from 2-3 PM ET




March 5, 2024
March 5, 2024